The City of a Hundred Spires. My trip to Prague, Czech Republic Part 2

This is the second part of my Prague post, so If you haven’t read the first one yet, click here.

We spent a total of 4 days in Prague but there is still so much to see! One of the things that I love most about this city is that it’s walkable. You don’t really need a car to get around. There are a few steep roads on the way to the Prague Castle but that’s about it.

If you’re not into walking, then I highly recommend using Uber or the Prague tram to move around. If you want to save $15 off your first Uber ride use my promo code kiloryrue or click here.

Watch my video here:

Old Town

We came back to the Old Town during the day and I got to see the Astronomical clock [again] and go to the top of the Town Hall tower. From up there I got to see the Prague Castle and the best 360º view of the Old Town square.

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The Prague Castle

This monumental castle is over 1,000 years old. Even though it didn’t start off this big, different monarchs kept making renovations and expansions to it over the years. It ended up encasing basilicas, palaces, towers, gardens, apartments, a small village (that is now a museum) and the stunning St. Vitus Cathedral.

When you visit the Prague Castle, you’ll learn more about the town’s founders, their history and a lot of the changes the city has been through. You’ll also learn about Bohemians which used to be part of the Kingdom of Bohemia (what we now know as the Czech Republic and parts of the surrounding countries).


St. Vitus Cathedral

The most stunning part of the Castle has to be the St. Vitus Cathedral. It was founded in 930 although it has gone through changes and renovations since then. It’s very special because in 1929, they added a series of intricate stained glass panels that take over the whole cathedral bathing it in light and colors.

Kilotravels st. vitus cathedral

The St. Vitus Tower

The tower has the best view and it’s worth the almost 300 steps you’ll need to climb. I needed to take a break before making it all the way to the top but once I got there, I got to see 360º views of the city.

kilotravels st nicholas bell tower

I created a photo gallery of my visit to the Prague Castle. Check it out here!

The Medieval Tavern

After visiting a few museums and the castle gardens, it was time to find a place to eat.

We found a gimmicky restaurant which turned out to be one of the highlights of our trip. The medieval tavern was dark, musky and full of rowdy servers. It was perfect! They definitely made us feel like we were dining in medieval times and the food was actually delicious. They had a lot of pork, bread and goulash available!



River Cruises

If you can, take a river cruise. Since we had just eaten at the tavern, we didn’t go on a dinner cruise. However, we did go on an hour long tour that gave us a chance to rest, have a few beers and enjoy the scenery from a different point of view.


The John Lennon Wall

I heard about the John Lennon wall and I have to admit, I was curious to see what it was, so during our last day in Prague, after walking around town, crossing bridges, visiting the Jewish Quarter and a few museums, I decided to head over there and see it for myself.

It turns out there is a huge wall that has been decorated by locals and tourists creating a colorful memorial for the late John Lennon.  It is completely covered in graffiti and somewhere in there you might find my signature. We also found the John Lennon Pub were I had some hot chocolate while sitting in their indoor patio. It was awesome.



Pocket Guide

The Rick Steve’s Pocket Guides never leave my side. I use them before the trip to help plan my days and take them with me wherever I go. They’re light, easy to read and even bring a fold-out map. I recommend them 100%.

Time to say Goodbye

Prague was magical. I was lucky enough to visit with my husband and friends. If you have a chance, add it to your list. I promise you will not be disappointed. If you have any questions feel free to contact me 🙂


The Dancing House

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