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Santa Fe, New Mexico

I recently visited Santa Fe for the first time!

My family and I spent the night in town to do a little sightseeing before my parents went back home from their visit. There was so much to see that we barely got to scratch the surface, so expect an update soon because I’m definitely going back!

Santa Fe is unique and beautiful. It’s an old town dominated by pueblo -or adobe– style architecture reminding you that; 1. You are right in center of the Southwest and 2. You’re in Indian American territory.

This city has a lot of soul and you can definitely feel it when you walk the streets or chat with the locals.

Watch my video here:

Downtown Santa Fe

You have to visit this place! The town was founded in the early 1600’s as a Spanish colony so expect a lot of European, Colonial and Indian American influences.

The streets are dominated by art galleries and museums that range from pop art to authentic and extremely pricey European / Spanish colonial pieces for collectors from all over the world. I may not be an art expert, but it doesn’t take one to appreciate the furniture, paintings and objects that exude old world splendor. Feel free to ask about the pieces! The shop owners are extremely nice and know the history behind their merchandise. I learned that I was looking at pieces that made it to Mexico from Spain in the 15th century and ended up in Santa Fe!  Did you know this city has the third largest art market in the US?

If you keep walking you will find the town Plaza filled with artisans, musicians, tourists and a few crazies, but all in good Santa Fe fun!

Right by the Palace of the Governors you will find the famous Indian American vendors. They’re artisans selling crafts ranging from jewelry to figurines and blankets. I mostly saw silver jewelry and clay objects. The vendors are lined up against the wall and offer their handmade crafts on top of their blankets.

Santa Fe At Night

Most of the places close before 7 pm except for a few restaurants and bars. We still went back Downtown to take a stroll and found the plaza’s trees decorated with Christmas lights! So beautiful!


Since it got a little chilly, we visited the Draft Station, a bar with a great location that offered a wide selection of drinks [and food]. We sat on the terrace upstairs which had a great view of the plaza. I ordered a beer flight so that I coud try six house samples and decide what to order next. My favorite was their Marble Double White Beer.


The Farmer’s Market

I was lucky to find the Farmer’s Market on Saturday because it only had about an hour left until it closed for the day. They offered everything from organic produce to spices, soaps, fresh drinks and pastries. Find the operating hours and vendor information on their website.

After some exploring (and a few free tastings), we brought back some apple cider, dulce de leche pastries and parsnips (which are hard to find where I live). Pets are not allowed here 🙁


Where to Stay

I stayed at the Santa Fe Sage Inn. It’s a pet friendly hotel near downtown, without the steep prices. It was comfortable, had a dog park on the back and offered complimentary breakfast. I recommend it and would stay there again. If you book this hotel though my link here, I get a small commission at no extra cost to you 🙂


Santa Fe Quick Facts

1. Highest capital city in the United States at 7,000 feet above sea level.
2. Santa Fe is the oldest state capitol in the nation, founded in 1608.
3. Santa Fe is the third-largest art market in the United States, after New York and Los Angeles.


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